Boulder Food: Frasca Food & Wine

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Warning: Food snobbery ahead.

I can be a food snob. Since we moved here, I haven’t enjoyed dining out as much in the greater-Boulder/Denver/EagleCo/SummitCo area. Don’t get me wrong, there are some yummy yummy restaurants, but I’m skeptical of anything that markets itself as “fine dining”. (Worst offenders: Supposedly “fancy” and UTTERLY overpriced places in the ski towns)

I’ve seen Frasca Food & Wine pop up on a few surprising “food” lists. It’s won more than one James Beard award, earned a JB nomination for Outstanding Restaurant, and it came up in the “50 bests restaurants in America” list recently (2017, Business Insider, #33)… I have to admit I was entirely skeptical and even dared wonder if it was once of those “oh we need to find some restaurant in sort of the middle of the country” thing. (Like the whole, “we need a token female engineer on the interview panel at a tech company” crap) I can have such terrible thoughts. The yelp reviews were also a bit mixed, which caused even more hesitation.

My curiosity got the better of me and I dragged K there. The meal entirely surprised me! The food was delicious (some hits, some misses, as expected). The Good: I could have eaten another whole duck entree. I haven’t had duck cooked this well in I don’t know how long. Then, I was picking up the bone and eating the meat off the wild boar bone at probably the fanciest restaurant in Boulder. (Totally not a lady, I don’t care!) The corn raviolo was the best bite of corn, mushroom, salted ham (speck) one could ask for while corn is in season. There was a breadstick “dip” in the salami plate — horseradish, apple, crème fraîche; sounded simple, yet we couldn’t stop eating it. There were some misses — my shrimp was over cooked (good cooked seafood seems to be a rarity in CO). The frico caldo (fried potato cake) appetizer was a bit heavy compared to the rest of the menu items.

Service was happy making. Minimal snobbery (wouldn’t be Boulder w/o some snobbery, right?), everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Staff worked as a team, and everyone knew about the dishes and the wine. Can’t wait to go back and see what will be on the menu in the winter.

Corn & Speck & Murhsoom Raviolo – DELICIOUS


Wild Boar – also very well executed


Duck (confit + breast), delicious


King Prawn


Local Salmumi – I can never resist


Frico Caldo – this was probably the weakest. A bit too heavy compared to the rest of the food.