Food in Taipei

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This post is basically all about food in Taipei, except one or two photos. I’m terrible at taking photos of tourist sites, plus I much prefer food-tourism instead of checking-off-sights tourism. If you aren’t into food photos or hello kitty, this post will be very boring.

K and I visited Taipei in Oct 2017. One thing I did not realize was how hot it would still be. Think high humidity and temps in the high 20Cs & low 30Cs (so… ~90F) every day, that part took a bit getting used to.

I was blown away by how good and cheap the food was (last time I went to Taipei was 10+ years ago with my parents, I didn’t have to think!). I was also surprised that almost everywhere was cash only. Thank goodness there were ATMs everywhere. We had lots and lots of food. In no particular order, be ready for the onslaught of food pictures.

My friend recommended this place: 度小月擔仔麵 — it’s a chain in Taiwan, everything we ordered was delicious. The noodles below usually has a shrimp on top of it, but I ate it too fast and then remembered to take a photo. I want to lick my screen when I look at that bowl of noodles.


Another highlight was dragging K to the Shilin Night Market and eating too much. It was super crowded since it was a holiday weekend. Totally worth it tho. This pork bun thing baked in a really hot oven was super good. They serve it to you pipping hot. Yum. The lady making them didn’t seem nearly as excited making them as I was to eating it.


Of course I had to eat the oyster pancake. Sooo… good.

Another one of my favorites was this beef noodle place (林東芳牛肉麵). It’s sort of intimidating if you don’t speak / read Chinese (and it wasn’t the nicest setting), but it was so delicious. If I didn’t eat this on my last day, I would have gone back on the same trip. This also makes me want to lick my screen.

Of course no TW food post can be complete without pictures of XLB (xiao long bao), we went to two places, the famous Din Tai Fung (101 branch, wait was long, you get a number and you can download the app which notifies you, so at least you can shop while you wait), and 盛園絲瓜小籠湯包. They were both good, I’m not sure I want to pick which one I liked more. I’d say the service at DTF is much better (they explain how to eat things, plus lots of English, much easier for tourists), and DTF wasn’t that much more expensive. I don’t know why DTF is so expensive in the US, it wasn’t that expensive in TW at all.

Hard at work making XLB at Din Tai Fung


Since I have way too many food photos, here are more with less verbiage.

More noodles. YUM


Shaved ice was so delicious. I think I could marry this one.


Lou rou fan. I had so many of these.


All the noodles were so delicious


Pan seared buns with meat inside. YUM.

Looking at the photos I’m a bit embarrassed as to how much we ate in the few days we were there, I want to go back for a less stomach-rushed trip. There are really too places to explore.

I’ll end with the Hello Kitty EVA airlines craziness at TPE airport. Someone said I should post a photo of myself, I tried!

I hope to check in here someday, it will be a hoot.

I didn’t get the memo on having to growing up