Holiday Card Jealousy

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This time of year, we always get holiday cards from friends with kids detailing all the fun they had that year. I always say to K that I’m jealous because it seems to me that holiday cards are only “allowed” for people with kids. I want to send a braggy braggy card about my life once a year too!!! I’m mostly joking, but I can already imagine the eye rolling if we sent one.

So instead I’ll write one here.


Mayflower Gulch, one of my favorite hikes (snowshoes) here

We mostly stayed put in Summit County. Snowboarded and XC’d a lot, visited Aspen for K’s snowboard hardbooting thingy. Winters are pretty amazing here (and so are summers).


Yosemite Falls, I’ll never get sick of this view

Escaped when shoulder season started (snow, rain, mud, and weird weather). Visited Chicago and ate too much food, then spent almost 3 weeks in Europe (you can read about it here). Took my parents to Yellowstone and Yosemite, saw lots of wildlife and geysers.


Prairie Dogs near Devils Tower. SO CUTE.

Hike Hike Hike Hike, the hiking here is awesome. We did my favorite backpacking trip ever (Four Pass Loop in Maroon Bells area, I still need to write about this!).  Also saw the total eclipse (so cool, I want to see another one), and did a side trip to Mt Rushmore, Badlands, and Devils Tower.


I love going to the Methow XC Camp, Floyd is always there to say hi.

Most of Oct/Nov/Dec has been non stop traveling. We went to Asia, Tokyo, Taipei, HK, and China. Then to the East Coast for a wedding, explored DC and Philly. After that it was off to Portland and Washington State, we did lots of escape rooms in Portland, and finally got to explore WA State a little. Had a blast at the Methow XC camp.

I think I’d call this a pretty good year! (See, doesn’t this induce eye rolling?)