Tokyo food (Oct 2017 trip)

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It has been a busy winter with a lot of visitors and random social events, and this blog thing is totally getting neglected. I’ve been challenged to write something, so here I am. Since I’m missing Asia lately, I decided to go through my Japan food photos from our last Asia trip. Enjoy the food pictures!

One of the most interesting “adventures” /  yummy eats meal was we ended up at this stand up bar for yakiniku (grilled meats) place in Shinjuku (Jiromaru). It was a little bit intimidating at first, we walked in, and… it was just, a stand up bar area with meat grills spaced out and a menu entirely in Japanese.

It was *super* helpful the people who worked there spoke a little English, and I could read / speak enough Japanese to pick out certain things. By the end we was able to order repeats and had a delicious meal of grilled meats. Not sure I would recommend this as a “first time to Japan” restaurant tho.

This is the view walking in, isn’t it… intimidating?

The Menu. Japanese reading skills highly recommended

Meat to be grilled. So delicious.

Noodles: A friend recommended this delicious chicken ramen in Ginza (Kagari 篝). The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but I have dreams about this place. The broth was so good, and the chicken was so tender and flavorful.  I think I’m probably going to dream about it again tonight.

Delicious Chicken Ramen

Of course I had to have the yummiest tsukemen (Rokurinsha) too. Since they opened a branch at Haneda airport I always try to fly out of Haneda. So delicious.

I tried a new sushi place this time (Sushi Ya, Ginza). It was way above expectations. I sort of stumbled on it by mistake, esp since it has such a generic name. The direct translation is basically “sushi bar” or “sushi house”. I finally got to try Shirako, which is like… fish sperm haha. It was way more “interesting” than I thought, milky and had sort of an interesting texture. It’s the middle top in the collage below.

Delicious Sushi @ Sushi Ya, Ginza

Lastly, enjoy some cute pastry photo from Dominique Ansel in Tokyo and this delightful bookstore that I didn’t want to leave. It was so pretty and enjoyable to wander around. Ahhhh, I miss Japan.

Pastries at Dominique Ansel. So cute!


Beautiful bookstore in Tokyo