Traveling Highlights & Lowlights

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K and I are currently in South America taking Spanish lessons for “fun”. We’ve been on the road for about a year, and since I’ve been lazy about writing, I thought it would be fun to at least write about some highlights and lowlights of the last year.

Top 3

Hot Pot in Chengdu

#1) Endless delicious food in Asia. From the bakeries in Taiwan, to all the delicious hotpots (fresh beef, spicy AF hot pot in Chengdu), fresh spices, delicious food (the best suckling pig ever) in Hong Kong, and yummy Japanese yakiniku in Okinawa. I miss it so much.

Glacier in Alaska

#2) Alaska. The whole trip was just beyond my expectations, from the bear viewing, to walking on top of glaciers, and just seeing huge glaciers. It was all ridiculously amazing.

Zhangjiajie (Avatar mountains and monkey)

#3) Friends & Family. I’m so grateful my parents let us stay with them for 2+ months while my ankle was healing, and also having friends who like to travel. With friends we ate a lot in Asia, saw crazy mountains in Zhangjiajie, and flew to Los Angeles for no other reason than to do a bunch of escape rooms. It’s also really nice to periodically see friends to feel a bit more grounded.

Bottom 3

#1) Breaking my ankle in HK. This took about six months to heal. Given how much I was running and hiking beforehand, this was a real bummer! At least I recovered enough to prance around the alps over the summer. The ONLY good thing was that it was relatively easy to navigate the Hong Kong medical system. This deserves a post of its own.

#2) Family health issues. We had some family health issues that required multiple ER visits, canceling of non-cancellable reservations, and dealing with the overall stress of things. This was not fun. Everyone is fine now. I got to learn a lot about the extenuating circumstances policies of a number of services however. Silver lining?

#3) Stress of travel, the unknowns that come with random Airbnbs, and weather doing whatever weather is going to do. We’ve had one or two not-that-great Airbnb experiences (bad sewer smell anyone?). Also I almost got pickpocketed in Madrid. The wildfire smoke was so bad in Montana we had to come up with alternate plans. And sometimes it’s 10pm, you are exhausted, and you can’t read any labels at the grocery store because they’re in another language.

That’s all folks. I wouldn’t trade the bad stuff for staying home!